Wednesday, February 09, 2005

War Historian will shortly be moving to its permanent digs under its own domain name, The Blogger site will continue to operate for a time as an archive and to direct traffic to the new site.

In coming months I would like to see War Historian become a group or organizational blog aimed at bringing together scholars of all fields who are interested in issues of war and collective violence, broadly conceived. For more as to purpose, see this entry.

I've also created a second domain,, to handle personal projects, though the two sites will be closely linked.

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Sharon said...


I don't recommend closing this Blogger account at any point. Even if you only leave one post as a redirect. There are evil spammers out there who take over recently closed Blogger addresses and put a realistic-looking 'post' on them... with links to porn sites. Not what you want people with links to your old URL to find themselves looking at.