Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Military History and the Academy

In a comment on my previous post, Tom Bruscino asks me to take a look at the above post on Rebunk. I encourage readers of this blog to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Well, that post answered my question to you. Maybe you could introduce a panel at SMH that goes into the impact that military affairs have on the larger society in various ways? Would that get the field more academic cachet?


Anonymous said...

Although we debated some issues there, Tom's fine post at Rebunk was one reason it occurred to me, when I found War Historian, that Mark Grimsley was the kind of military historian that the University of Michigan ought to hire. I imagine that Tom and I could agree on that, at least. Even more, probably. One of the problems with the discussion was that a third party kept insisting that discussions must have winners and losers. That's of a piece with the thinking in some of the kinds of military history I was criticizing.