Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Blogadoon - Part III

Rereading it, something in Dimitri's entry struck me as familiar and I had a thought which, sure enough, proved correct. Dimitri did in fact email me last year at about the same time he composed that entry. A very generous note which at the same time had sensible advice:
Hi Mark:

Excellent blog; I intend to check in daily, which is my habit in reading blogs, whether or not there are daily postings. I heard about your journal this week in the unmoderated Usenet group (B[rooks D.] Simpson mentioned it).

I believe mine is the only other active ACW [American Civil War] blog. I use Sitemeter (sitemeter.com) to determine a few facts about the visitors, such as whether they arrived via searches or not. There tends to be a largish stable of readers a subset of which checks in during the day on their own initiative. More so this traffic than searchers.

Nevertheless, it seems a huge advantage to blog via Blogger (blogger.com) because the tool is owned by Google, which is constantly (overnight!) indexing one's pages and they show up in search results within a day or two.

I'll mention your blog in my space tomorrow and include a permanent link in my left margin - please keep the journal going and advise if you know of other ACW blogs.

Dimitri Rotov
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