Friday, February 04, 2005


TTLB's javascript was slowing down War Historian's load times too much, so a few days ago I got rid of it. Even so, I've kept close track of War Historian's movement through the blogosphere. As of this morning, it has 35 unique inbound links, averages 141 hits per day, and ranks #3772 among all blogs. This suffices to give it Flappy Bird status.

Be it noted that this same morning Civil War Bookshelf has reached Flippery Fish status--an impressive feat considering that its beat is self-limited to the historiography of the conflict. Had it sold out its integrity for the red stew of cheap popularity--e.g., by mentioning "Gettysburg" "Gettysburg campaign" "battle of Gettysburg" every breath, as I'm doing now (Pickett's Charge!)--CWBN might easily be among the higher beings by now.

I "Grant" you, it's quite a thought! That's real "Lee" hard to imagine. :-)

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