Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Blogadoon - Part VI

I paid no attention to the site meter report. That's because I didn't see it. My email filter automatically placed it in the mailbox labeled "Blog," and since at the time I was unconcerned with the blog--had not, in fact, made an entry since January 8--I didn't bother to read it. However, in my January 6 entry I had indicated I'd start posting more regularly. Sheer guilt at my failure to follow through led me to compose an entry on January 19 entitled "A Promise to Start Keeping." I did write entries for the next couple of days. Then, on January 22, I suddenly realized that I was in . . . Blogadoon.

Go to Blogadoon--you'll find a return hyperlink in one of the comments at the end of the entry.

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