Monday, January 31, 2005

Pessimism, or Realism, or Both: Kos on the Iraq Election

You had to be impressed with yesterday's election in Iraq. It takes guts to vote when doing so could literally cost your life, and the fact that 8 million Iraqis displayed such guts is a heartening sign. But there's a line between being heartened and being sentimental. Kos, for his part, sure ain't sentimental in today's Daily Kos:

The administration, press, and wingnut blogosphere is all atwitter over the "successful" Iraqi elections. But the fact that 8 million Iraqis voted is not the measure of success. Just like catching Saddam wasn't, or occupying Baghdad, or transfering "sovereignty". Those events are miletones toward the ultimate outcome, but unpredictive whether that outcome is victory or defeat.
He goes on to invoke the inevitable parallel with Vietnam.

Which touched off a loooooooooooooong thread of comment, (including a few from me.)

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