Thursday, January 27, 2005

Amphibious Landing

My grasp of HTML is still pretty crude (if you don't believe me, look under the hood of the archive page). Consequently I don't know where in my template I should place the string of code sent me by The Truth Laid Bear to advertise my status in the blogosphere ecosystem.

So I have to say it outright: Today I am, well, if not a man, then at least a Crawly Amphibian, with twelve unique inbound links. Whatever that means.

Current rank in the ecosystem: #6153. [Out of #18,992 blogs that have linked to TTLB and asked to be ranked. Dead last, by the way, is a blog entitled, with fine irony (or as a joke, since it's a nice looking site that has never posted even once) The God Machine.]

Next stop: Slithering Reptiles, the least of which currently have just one more unique link (i.e., 13) under their belts. Or wherever they keep them.

After that, Flappy Birds (at least 26 unique links), Adorable Little Rodents (at least 41), Marauding Marsupials (at least 72), Large Mammals (at least 137; Cliopatria, the highest being to have thus far blessed me with a link, is near the midpoint of this level: #420 as of this writing, with 241 unique links).

Then come Playful Primates (at least 522 unique links), Mortal Humans (973), and Higher Beings like Instapundit (3924) , Power Line, and Daily Kos (2307) , with the least of those, the Drudge Report, coming in at a mere 1,564 unique links.

I actually have a point in introducing this hierarchy. I think I've figured out a way to use the blogosphere to illustrate what I mean when I use the term postcolonial military history. But for today, it's enough that a crawly amphibian should leave the sea, place his stubbly legs on the beach, and get ready to--what?

Crawl, I guess.

Update: Jan. 29: From 90 to 124 avg. daily hits, but still just 12 links. On the bright side, I installed that piece of script. :-)

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