Monday, January 24, 2005

How I Came to Do This: An Introduction

Since my "discovery" by a few blogs like Cliopatria--discovery, I guess, in the sense that the Europeans "discovered" the Indians--I've received an influx of new visitors. I presume that, like those Europeans, my visitors have a curiosity about the place. But I also presume that, unlike them, most of my visitors lack time to explore.

Certainly I myself have hit a number of blog sites in recent days and become intrigued, but also certain it would take me a while to figure out what it is I'm really reading. I did manage to determine that The Big Tent refers to Big Tent Republicanism--as in Republican party, not small-r republicanism--and that Rebunk plays on the suggestion that history starts as bunk which is first de-bunked and subsequently re-bunked. Much beyond that, I'm still working on it.

So to make things easier on my own visitors, from time to time I'll post an entry to help get you oriented. Mostly I'll do that by calling your attention to an old entry--in this case the first, which is longish but which will give you a good idea of how War Historian came to be. I'll also try to post occasional entries that boil down previous threads, not just for your sake but to clarify my own thinking as well.

Here's the first, from December 14, 2003: How I Came to Do This.

What is the relationship between the book at left and the people at right, photographed living in the city dump in the hills above La Ceiba, Honduras, July 2002?
Oh: PS: Until last month I ran my blog under a different name, on a different site, and without Blogger or any other such service. Just thought I'd mention it.


Tom said...

From a Big Tenter/Rebunker (same Tom): We are glad you have had a chance to take a look around at our sites. I for one certainly enjoy War Historian.

One note about Big Tent--only two of the five members are Republicans. Think of us more as Teddy Roosevelt-like New Nationalists (even that is tricky because one of us is a Canadian). We are, however, all historians at various points in our careers.

Thanks for the links.

Mark G. said...

Thanks so much for visiting. Hope you continue to find it useful. And I'll work up a more complete explanation of the Che/Lee masthead. :-)