Monday, January 24, 2005

Civil Warriors

OK, the blogosphere can be downright weird.

Just last evening I started another blog. I was about to note its existence on this site, only to find that Cliopatria has beaten me to it. How the hell could that happen?

Anyway, Cliopatrian Ralph E. Luker says it better than I could:

Ohio State's Mark Grimsley finds that blogging is a new step in scholarship. Not only does he have a first rate military history blog, War Historian, but he's launched a new group venture, Civil Warriors, with some of his graduate students. His posts are fascinating material: a frank discussion about publications and the professional stuggle upwards; and how blogging on Counterfactuals and Contingency led to an article on "Second-Guessing Bobby Lee: A Counterfactual Assessment of Lee's Generalship During the Overland Campaign."
By the way, I just finished a second post, this one on the novel Cold Mountain. Thought I'd tell you before Cliopatria does.

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