Friday, December 03, 2004

A New Home

Call me Mark. I'm a professor at Ohio State, which has one of the best military programs in the country and, consequently, a special responsibility to the field--especially in a time like ours.

Not quite a year ago I began keeping a blog on my regular web site. Kind of an unorthodox blog--not really organized the way most blogs are and more graphics-intensive than most. It was and remains devoted to assessing the state of academic military history and figuring out new ways to conceptualize it. Having been at it for months now, I've discovered two things. First, I like blogging. Second, doing it the way I was doing it ate up a lot of time. I'm wondering if I can't save some time--and maybe expand the blog's usefulness--by giving it a new home. Namely this one.

I called the original blog Interrogating the Project of Military History. I figured something a little less academic-sounding might be better here. I thought of going with "War Child," because I feel as if I've been studying war since I was a toddler, but that blog title's taken (which may be just as well). I went with War Historian for obvious reasons and because I didn't want to stare at the screen all night trying to think of a better title. I figure this blog stands or falls on the basis of its content, not its name.

Anyway, check out the old site--with three links to it in as many paragraphs, I've made this as convenient as possible.

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